Lunch in Chiswick

Nova Italian Restaurant

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is served 14.00 – 18.00

Traditional Afternoon Tea

Scones, traditional finger sandwiches, selection of pastries, clotted cream and preserves, selection of teas or coffee

Price per person: £25.00

Champagne Afternoon Tea

Scones, traditional finger sandwiches, selection of pastries, clotted cream and preserves, selection of teas or coffee and glass of champagne

Price per person: £32.00

Unlimited Champagne Afternoon Tea

Price per person: £45.00

African Pride

East Africa’s highlands: majestic wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, lush greenery. Evocative teas, richly resonant on the palate and forever lingering on the mind.
Taste: rich, robust


Leaves shaped by heat waves and the deluge of monsoons. Second flush harvest, feisty and vivid. The taste of northeast India.
Taste: hints of walnuts and molasses, brisk


Nurtured in Sri Lanka’s Uva highlands, high above the sea on the eastern slopes. Harmonious and balanced, with the echo of spices and mysteries. Taste: light citrus


Created by cool mountain breezes, days of veiled sunshine and nights of rain on the steep slopes of the Himalayas. One of the worlds most celebrated teas, symphonic and inspired.
Taste: hints of muscatel

Earl Grey

Legendary tea with origins spanning from China to Howick Hall in Northumberland. Named after British Prime Minister Earl Grey and combined with bergamot orange in the British tradition.
Taste: full-bodied, hints of subtly sweet bergamot

English Breakfast

Originally Scottish and served at Balmoral Castle in the Highlands. The favorite blend of Queen Victoria, it endures as one of the world’s most celebrated black teas. Reviving, robust.
Taste: full-bodied, smooth, hints of citrus fruit

Indian Breakfast

Light and refreshing as a black tea. Leaves harvested from the high altitude of the Himalayas and the monsoon-laden lowlands of Assam. Brimming with floral complexities.
Taste: balanced, light, malty

Lapsang Souchong

The earliest black tea in history, perfected over thousands of years in China’s Fujian province. Tea leaves delicately dried over pinewood fires. Unmistakably smoky.
Taste: rounded, full, layered
Black tea, green tea, black Pepper, liquorice, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, aniseed, clove, nutmeg

Strawberry and Mango

The sweetness of summer berries. The luscious richness of rip mangoes. The spiciness of fine black tea. Smooth and fruit-filled. A refreshing treat. Taste: rich, complex

Green Lemon

Green sencha. Young leaves plucked in spring, delicate, slightly rice-like. Mouth-tang of citrus, a lemon like a soft bite to the flesh. Invigorating. Taste: citrus lemon, delicate undertones

Green Sencha

Early spring harvest. Lovingly steamed, dark green leaves that flourish when infused. Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan: timeless. Taste: delicious hints of rice, delicate, balanced
Green Tea

Jasmine Blossom

Spring-plucked green leaves with layer upon layer of fragrant jasmine blossoms, exquisitely infused into the tea. Delicate and beautifully floral. Taste: sweet, delicate

Oriental Sencha

Early spring’s carefully plucked leaves, steamed, vibrant green. Flower petals and exotic fruit – an intriguing complement, the sensation of summer meadows.
Taste: floral, sweet


A mythic nymph once transformed into a sweet-smelling mentha plant, her leaves complex with biting menthol oils. To this day, the perfect end to a meal, naturally caffeine-free.
Taste: penetrating, cool, clear mint

Rooibos Orange

Native to the heart of South Africa’s mountainous Cederberg region, rooibos combines with citrus orange to sublime effect.
Taste: orange notes

Rose Hip and Hibiscus

The traditional offering to the Hindu goddess Kali fused with the sweet fruit of the rose plant. Naturally caffeine-free, both warming and refreshing.
Taste: sweet, notes of citrus

Berries Delight

Summer captured in a cup. A panoply of berries, from currants to cherries to elderberries, tempered by orchid-derived vanilla spice.
Taste: balanced, sweet and sour notes


A tisane from time immemorial, bandied as a cure-all and an elixir of youth. Now known for its soothing and calming effects as one of the world’s most famous tisanes.
Taste: floral, grassy